Dr. Daniel Coit: the challenge of clinical staging of EGJ cancer

Posted On 2016-03-17 06:32:49

Dr. Daniel Coit, MD, a leader at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, is an outstanding surgical oncologist specializes in in the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma, as well as the treatment for gastric cancer. He also made great achievement in medical education by training a lot of young surgeons in the surgical clinical oncology in the past 30 years. During the International Gastric Cancer Congress (IGCC) 2015, Dr. Coit being the invited speaker had several speeches to share his ideas and experience, which were very attractive. He was also one of the chairpersons in the “Controversies in TNM staging in EG-junction tumors” section. This interview was conducted in the IGCC 2015.

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