Article Abstract

Management of gastric cancer in Indian population

Authors: Mohammed Ibrahim, Kissan Gilbert


Adenocarcinoma stands the most common malignancies in the gastric carcinomas and holds a significant mortality and morbidity rates annually, due to the early vague symptoms among the population and hence the delayed presentation at advanced stages of cancer. In India the screening programs for gastric cancer has been a setback due to various logistics reasons and the data available from reporting is also not content. Our study is a review article featuring the management of gastric cancer in the Indian population. The lifestyle of India population is varied right from its southern region to its northern counterparts, which is due to its diversified culture within the country. Studies have concluded that the northern population tends to have a higher incidence comparatively and the various risk factors associated with the disease has been discussed. Management of the gastric cancer in India remains the same compared to the outside world, though the availability of endoscopic ultrasound and other technical advancements remain sparse in the field of diagnostics and staging of the disease. D2 gastrectomy remains the mainstay of surgery among the Indian population though significant number of patients are deemed inoperable on table. Neo adjuvant Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Targeted therapy is yet to be efficiently used across the country according to our study as there is lack of data in our registries. The incidence is decreasing in developing nations and more proximal cancers are reported. However, in India the major population-based cancer registries report an incidence decline only in Mumbai and Chennai. A shift from distal to proximal as the site of disease has not been reported from India. The contribution of the Indian scientific fraternity to the world medical literature for gastric cancer is sparse and it is clear that a lot more is to be done; the possible reason may be a busy clinical schedule or lack of initiatives. There is an urgent need for research in various aspects of gastric cancer from India including epidemiological and therapeutic areas.