Global Trends in The Surgical Management of Gastric Cancer

Posted On 2020-02-19 03:39:21

In this focused issue, Global Trends in the Surgical Management of Gastric Cancer, we present original articles, reviews of literature and expert opinions by international experts covering a spectrum of key topics from changing guidelines in multimodality management, update on D2 lymphadenectomy, utility of enhanced recovery after surgery, technical considerations in robotic gastrectomy, and clinical trial outcomes. In sum, they provide insight into the concepts that are setting the global trends in GC care worldwide toward opti-mization of GC patient outcomes.

Global trends in the surgical management of gastric cancer

Yanghee Woo, Taeil Son, Kazutaka Obama

Review Article
Multimodality management of locally advanced gastric cancer—the timing and extent of surgery

Camille Stewart, Joseph Chao, Yi-Jen Chen, James Lin, Michael J. Sullivan, Laleh Melstrom, Woo Jin Hyung, Yuman Fong, I. Benjamin Paz, Yanghee Woo

Significance of nodal dissection and nodal positivity in gastric cancer

Yue-Xin Zhang, Kun Yang

The evolving role of radiation therapy for resectable and unresec-table gastric cancer

Ashwin Shinde, Jennifer Novak, Arya Amini, Yi-Jen Chen

Clinical and molecular prognostic markers of survival after sur-gery for gastric cancer: tumor-node-metastasis staging system and beyond

Mykola Zubarayev, Eun-Ki Min, Taeil Son

Surgical management of metastatic gastric cancer: moving beyond the guidelines

Ali Guner, Reyyan Yildirim

Checkpoint inhibition in advanced gastroesophageal cancer: clini-cal trial data, molecular subtyping, predictive biomarkers, and the potential of combination therapies

Jeremy Chuang, Joseph Chao, Andrew Hendifar, Samuel J. Klempner, Jun Gong

Assessment of body composition and impact of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in patients with gastric cancer

Tatsuto Nishigori, Kazutaka Obama, Yoshiharu Sakai

Minimally invasive approaches for early gastric cancer in East Asia: current status and future perspective

Takahiro Kinoshita

Original Article
Modular step-up approach to robot-assisted transthoracic esoph-agectomy—experience of a German high volume center

Hans F. Fuchs, Dolores T. Müller, Jessica M. Leers, Wolfgang Schröder, Christiane J. Bruns

Review Article
Enhanced recovery after surgery for gastric cancer (ERAS-GC): optimizing patient outcome

Jacopo Desiderio, Stefano Trastulli, Vito D’Andrea, Amilcare Parisi

Functional and nutritional outcomes after gastric cancer surgery

Masahiro Tsujiura, Souya Nunobe

Genetics of gastric cancer: what do we know about the genetic risks?

Thomas Paul Slavin, Jeffrey N. Weitzel, Susan L. Neuhausen, Kasmintan A. Schrader, Carla Oliveira, Rachid Karam

The series “Global Trends in The Surgical Management of Gastric Cancer” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Gastroenterology and Hepatology without any sponsorship or funding. Yanghee Woo, Taeil Son and Kazutaka Obama served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.