Treatment of Gastric Cancer in the World: A perspective from Young Surgeons

Posted On 2017-09-25 06:28:00
Yoon Young Choi, In Gyu Kwon

Technical Note 
Review Article 
Gastric cancer treatment: similarity and difference between China and Korea
Kun Yang, Jian-Kun Hu

Current practice for gastric cancer treatment in Ukraine
Andrii Sydiuk

Recent trends of gastric cancer treatment in Turkey
Ali Guner

Current approaches to gastric cancer in Peru and Mexico
Erlan Santos

Gastric cancer treatment in the world: Germany
Seung-Hun Cho, Felix Berlth, Patrick Sven Plum, Till Herbold, Hakan Alakus, Robert Kleinert, Stefan Paul Moenig, Christiane Josephine Bruns, Arnulf Heinrich Hoelscher, Hans-Joachim Meyer

Management of gastric cancer in Indian population
Mohammed Ibrahim, Kissan Gilbert

Guest editors: Dr. Yoon Young Choi and Dr. In Gyu Kwon