Chromoendoscopy: role in modern endoscopic imaging

Rajvinder Singh, Keng Hoong Chiam, Florencia Leiria, Leonardo Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Kun Cheong Choi, Mariana Militz


Detection of early gastrointestinal tract malignancy can be challenging on white light endoscopy especially as lesions can be subtle and inconspicuous. With the advent of electronic chromoendoscopy technologies, lesions which have already been detected can be quickly and “conveniently” characterised. This review will discuss some of the indications and modern applications of chromoendoscopy in various conditions including Barrett’s oesophagus, oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma, early gastric cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and neoplastic colonic lesions. In carefully selected situations, chromoendoscopy could still be a useful adjunct to white light endoscopy in day-to-day clinical practice.