Article Abstract

Review of management options for pancreatic pseudocysts

Authors: Christos Agalianos, Ioannis Passas, Ioannis Sideris, Demetrios Davides, Christos Dervenis


Pancreatic pseudocysts (PPs) present a challenging problem for physicians dealing with pancreatic disorders. Their management demands the co-operation of surgeons, radiologists and gastroenterologists. Historically, they have been treated either conservatively or surgically, with acceptable rates of complications and recurrence. However, recent advances in radiology and endoscopy, have leaded physicians to implement percutaneous and endoscopic drainage (ED) into their treatment algorithms. Moreover, laparoscopic surgery, with its advantages, has become an attractive alternative choice when surgical drainage (SD) is required. The aim of this review is to summarize the main diagnostic and therapeutic tools in the management of pseudocysts and to present the main studies that compare the three different types of pseudocyst drainage.