Article Abstract

Non-exposed endoscopic wall-inversion surgery for gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Authors: Takashi Mitsui, Hiroharu Yamashita, Susumu Aikou, Keiko Niimi, Mitsuhiro Fujishiro, Yasuyuki Seto


Laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery (LECS) is an accepted method of laparoscopic wedge resection, which is minimally invasive, for gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs). We established a type of LECS achieving a full-thickness resection, non-exposed endoscopic wall-inversion surgery (NEWS), in an effort to prevent exposure of the peritoneal cavity to gastric intraluminal contents. We employed this surgical technique in 28 gastric GIST patients. We failed to complete NEWS in the initial two patients and in one patient with a large tumor (40 mm × 35 mm), but otherwise carried out the procedure successfully. Although a learning effect is speculated to occur, based on a decreasing trend in the operation time, the median operation time was 184 minutes showing that NEWS is still a time-consuming method. No significant differences were recognized in tumor size or location, except near the esophagogastric junction (EGJ), nor in the cross-sectional circumference. NEWS is feasible and appears to be a good option, especially for small GISTs with mucosal ulceration rendering full-thickness enucleation by opening of the gastric wall unfeasible.