Article Abstract

Bridging patients with hepatocellular cancer waiting for liver transplant: all the patients are the same?

Authors: Martina Coletta, Daniele Nicolini, Andrea Benedetti Cacciaguerra, Susanna Mazzocato, Roberta Rossi, Marco Vivarelli


Liver transplant (LT) is considered the best curative treatment for patients with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) within Milan criteria. The possibility to perform LT in HCC patients is limited by the liver grafts supply; indeed, the shortage of donors often leads to a long time on waiting list and then to dropout because of tumor progression. Bridging therapies are neo-adjuvant treatments given to patients on LT waitlist, with the aim to prevent tumor progression and to reduce dropout rate. Many bridging modalities have been proposed. The choice of each treatment is based on the characteristics of the patient, liver function, comorbidities and on the number, dimensions and localization of HCC. This review article describes several types of bridging therapies, focusing on the indications for different kind of patients.