Article Abstract

Recent trends of gastric cancer treatment in Turkey

Authors: Ali Guner


Gastric cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer and is the fourth most common death due to cancer in Turkey. Incidence and mortality rates are one of the highest among European countries. Despite the high rates, management of gastric cancer is still an issue of debate in Turkey and national guidelines have yet to be established. While the treatment plan following the diagnosis of gastric cancer is determined by a multidisciplinary meeting at high-volume centers, the plan in the majority of cases in Turkey is decided based on the decision of an individual physician. The primary goal of the treatment strategy is to obtain the best oncological outcomes and quality of life within the acceptable treatment-related morbidity. Therefore, R0 resection is intended by using standardized surgery with an individualized approach, while avoiding surgery if a curative resection is not possible. In this review, presenting on the recent trends of gastric cancer treatment including surgical, endoscopic, adjuvant/neoadjuvant and conversion treatment options in Turkey are aimed by exploring the institutional approach.