Article Abstract

Lymphadenectomy: how to do it?

Authors: Simone Giacopuzzi, Maria Bencivenga, Chiara Cipollari, Jacopo Weindelmayer, Giovanni de Manzoni


According to the more recent European guidelines, the D2 lymphadenectomy is considered the standard for curative intent treatment of patients with gastric cancer. Although, the surgical definition of D2 dissection and its technical aspects had been learned from Eastern surgeons in the past decades, some variations in the approach to D2 lymphadenectomy by European surgeons were detectable in randomized clinical trials dealing with lymphadenectomy. Despite in more recent years an improvement in surgical quality has been reported in European series, some differences in the practice of D2 dissection are thought to persist. As, these may contribute to discrepancies in gastric cancer survival observed across European countries, the standardization of surgical quality is an urgent need to improve the outcome of gastric cancer patients in Europe. In this manuscript, we focus on the technical aspects of the D2 dissection both in open and laparoscopic gastrectomy in order to contribute to the improvement of surgical care of gastric cancer in the West.